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Your 10-week Study Plan to Pass Your CPA Exam

The CPA Exam is daunting enough without the added pressure of finding enough time to study.  While other courses’ instructional design could have you study 25 hours or more a week to be ready in 10 weeks, the Surgent CPA Review and its proprietary adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™ can have you ready in that same 10-week period with only 10 hours of study per week.  Join Surgent Coach Sean Mullen as he demonstrates the path he places students on to get through their exam study faster and achieve higher scores on their CPA Exam.


Thursday, September 28

12:00 PM ET

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S Mullen HS

Sean Mullen: With over 35 years’ experience in the CPA, CMA, and Enrolled Agent Exam Prep industry, Sean Mullen oversees student coaching for Surgent’s Exam Prep product line.  Using a “small steps” approach that embraces Surgent’s adaptive learning technology, Sean helps students to create manageable study plans to work within their busy schedules, helping them to prepare for and pass their exams without having to put life on hold.