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Get familiar with the CPA Exam by practicing with our Surgent Live CPA Mock Exam.
This exam is meant to simulate what it would be like if you were taking the exam at the Prometric Testing Center. Try your best to focus without distraction for the full four hours. 

Making the Most of CPA Exam Practice Tests

CPA practice tests are essential to comprehensive CPA review. Gaining exposure to the tools and features you can expect to see on exam day will help to alleviate anxiousness and eliminate questions about the exam interface. The practice test is timed to match the actual CPA Exam. By taking note of the timing during the practice test, you can prepare for the amount of time you’ll have during the actual exam. Plus, many of the questions in the practice tests are prior exam questions. Familiarize yourself with prior exam questions in exam-like conditions to ensure that you’re adequately prepared come exam day.

Get to Know the CPA Exam Testing Interface

If you want to avoid unwanted surprises on exam day, it’s important to know your way around the CPA Exam testing interface before setting foot in the Prometric test center. Knowing what resources are available to you and where to find them in the interface can help you focus more on solving questions rather than wasting time searching for the tools you need. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

1:00 PM ET

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